Wisdom Teeth

Many of our patients need their wisdom teeth extracted eventually. You might not need it until you’re older and wiser, or you may need wisdom teeth services young. Every patient is different.

This is another reason to have dental checkups twice a year. We need to monitor any potential dental issues, including complications with wisdom teeth.

Our top priority at Cottonwood Dental is to protect your overall health through dental hygiene and other dental services. So when wisdom teeth must be extracted, we’ll make sure to let you know right away, discuss the diagnosis with you, and extract them safely and quickly.

Why Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

The wisdom teeth are the molars in the very back of your mouth. Yours may not have come in yet, although they sometimes grow in by the time a patient is 25. We’ll examine yours with optical and x-ray methods to monitor their progress.

Some wisdom teeth never have to be extracted. We will only recommend taking them out if your wisdom teeth are:

  • Impacted. This occurs when growing wisdom teeth run into an obstacle, such as your gums or jawbone. This can cause pain in the wisdom teeth area.
  • Crowded. Your wisdom teeth might be pushing on established teeth, and your jaw may not have the room to accommodate the wisdom teeth. They could disrupt your smile and bite.
  • Angled Poorly. Some wisdom teeth can grow in at an angle that is opposed to your other teeth, making them unable to fit in with the rest of your teeth.
  • Threatened by Disease. If your growing wisdom teeth are too difficult to reach, they could develop cavities or a gum infection. It may be better to extract them for your overall safety.

We’ll tell you about any challenges that may be developing with your wisdom teeth—usually far before they become a problem. Dr. Willardson strives to give you advanced warning to help you avoid unnecessary procedures or prepare for necessary ones.

Schedule Wisdom Teeth Services at Cottonwood Dental

If you have any pain in the area of your back molars, it’s time for an examination. If you need your wisdom teeth extracted, we’ll ensure that the procedure is painless and your recovery time is as quick as possible. Call Cottonwood Dental today!