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Our team at Cottonwood Dental in Pratt, Kansas, provides quality dentistry that’s friendly and affordable! We know how hard it is to juggle your responsibilities on a daily basis, from work to your own health. We would be happy to take care of you, so you can do what you do best! At Cottonwood Dental, pleasant refers to both how you feel in the chair and how you feel when you leave.

We strive to make our office comfortable and relaxing while we attend to your needs. When you walk in, we want you to know that we care about you. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you feel at home.

We want you to have a clean, healthy smile when you walk out of the office. Our cleanings do exactly that. Aside from the cleanings, we offer a number of other services that can improve your oral health as well as your confident smile.

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Straighter Smiles

We offer a number of solutions for creating a more uniform smile. A straight smile is easier to clean, leaving fewer places for bacteria and decay.

While we work on straightening your teeth, we can also improve your bite alignment. A poorly aligned bite can impact several aspects of your overall health: headaches, restful sleep, and wear on your teeth. We want to correct alignment issues to help you stay happy and healthy for years to come.

Through your life, you may experience damage to your teeth. You may even lose some. When you do, Cottonwood Dental is here to restore both bite and function to your mouth.

Damaged teeth can often be restored and protected by fillings and crowns. When we use fillings and crowns, the goal is to make your tooth whole again. Restoring your chewing surface can help you chew easily while enjoying protection from further damage.

Missing teeth can be replaced with an exciting innovation: dental implants. This is the only option that is truly a whole tooth replacement, from root to crown. Using dental implants may even reverse some of the damage that you have experienced since losing your tooth, including loss of bone density.

If dental implants are not a good option for your tooth replacement, we can offer other options to replace your teeth. We are happy to help you find the solution that will work for you!

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