Gum Disease

The science of diagnosing, treating, and preventing gum disease is called periodontics. It is extremely important because your gums surround and hold your teeth. An infection in your gums threatens the rest of your mouth, whereas a healthy set of gums supports complete oral wellness.

Do I Need Gum Disease Treatment?

We’ll always check on your gums during any regular exam, making sure that they’re healthy or diagnosing any issues we find, but you can also ask for an additional gum disease checkup if:

  • You’re Pregnant. Gum disease can put bacteria or toxins into your bloodstream, which can affect your pregnancy. Let’s make sure your gums are as healthy as possible.
  • A Family Member Has Gum Disease. A gum infection can be passed within an immediate family, between partners or between parents and children.
  • You Have Other Conditions. The bacteria in gum disease can aggravate other serious health conditions. If you have a respiratory disease, heart disease, osteoporosis, or diabetes, we need to be sure your gums are healthy.
  • You Have Gum Disease Symptoms. Do you have swelling in your gums, redness, bleeding, a bad taste in your mouth, bad breath, or abscesses? Come get your gums checked at Cottonwood Dental.

If you have any questions about gum disease or one of the concerns above, please call us today. We want to ensure your mouth stays healthy!

How Does Periodontics Apply to Me?

Gum disease can cause a patient to lose a tooth! Your dentist or periodontist will strive to detect early signs of gum disease and treat it before it becomes a problem. This could save a tooth or prevent certain problems.

The bacterial infections in gum disease can seriously threaten other parts of your body and cause other diseases or contribute to them. We want to prevent all these challenges, keeping you as healthy as we can.

Do You Need a Gum Disease Checkup?

We’ll examine your gums at your next regular checkup. But if you have any concerns about your gums, call Cottonwood Dental today to ask questions or make an appointment.