Teeth Whitening

Is there anything better than a beautiful smile? Most people’s main interest is other people, and our smiles connect us to others, whether to our loved ones or to new friends.

Are you frustrated or self-conscious about the color of your teeth? Then come to Cottonwood Dental! We can comfortably and quickly lighten your teeth by several shades. Our patients love the self-confidence and happiness they get from brighter, whiter smiles—and so can you!

Why Did My Teeth Get Darker?

It’s easy to think that teeth darkening is always caused by neglect or major problems. But anyone’s teeth can become discolored for many reasons.

The material in your teeth acts like a slow sponge, absorbing non-white molecules from food and drinks. These darker molecules can build up in your tooth enamel and eventually start to show. Smoking can cause this as well, but simple aging can also slowly darken molecules.

Some discoloration is even caused by dental damage. If you were in an accident that broke the top layer of your tooth material, a differently colored layer underneath could be exposed.

How Can I Get Whiter Teeth?

Some people go to their drug store for retail whitening products. But these are never as effective or safe as what we can give you.

We use professional whitening products that send cleaning agents into your tooth material, cancelling out the darker molecules that have come in. As those molecules are neutralized, the natural white of your teeth can shine out better.

We’ll administer the whitening product in a dental tray that is the right size for your teeth. We’ll make sure the product is prepared correctly, stays on for the right amount of time, and is used safely in every way. We’ll treat you as our friend the whole time, so get ready for a comfortable experience!

Schedule a Fast Whitening Treatment for a Brighter Smile!

You could have a more gorgeous and dazzling smile in just one treatment—and get it renewed any time you like! Call Cottonwood Dental today to schedule an enjoyable teeth whitening session.