Dental bonding can seem like a miracle. It gives the quick results of a miracle and can change someone’s life in the right circumstances.

What can dental bonding do? It could make any of your damaged or stained teeth suddenly look white and new—with no effort on your part. We can perform this service in a quick procedure at a low cost.

Can you imagine what a dazzling new smile could do for you? Are you getting ready for a new job? Are you about to meet important people or attend a major event? Are you going to be in an important ceremony, like a wedding?

Whatever your need, we’re excited to give you a sparkling, white smile! Call Cottonwood Dental, and we’ll discuss how to get the results you want the most.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a quick, low-cost procedure in which we cover the front of a tooth or teeth with a material that looks natural. We bond it there for the long-term.

What can this do for you? Well, this new material can be any shape, size, and color that you want! That means your teeth can look:

  • Whiter.
  • Straighter.
  • More even.
  • Closer together (without gaps).
  • Undamaged.

Dental bonding can cover up chips, stains, cracks, crooked teeth, and much more. During an exam, we’ll explain the cosmetic challenges that dental bonding would solve. We want you to get your dream smile.

What Advantages Does Dental Bonding Offer?

Dental bonding is fast and relatively inexpensive. That makes it especially helpful if you are young, getting cosmetic dentistry for the first time, or on a tight budget. With dental bonding, you can:

  • Have your teeth altered in a single appointment.
  • Spend less money on the service because it requires less material and labor.

Why can we finish bonding so quickly? Because dental bonding requires very little alteration to your teeth. We’ll just lightly prepare the front of each tooth to let the new material bond there easily. You’ll walk out with a great new smile in record time!

Enjoy Dental Bonding at Cottonwood Dental!

Do you want a beautiful smile? Do you want to surprise others—and yourself? Do you want greater self-confidence? Then call Cottonwood Dental for an appointment. We’ll help you find the solution to bring out your best smile.